Industrial Emissions Monitoring Gas Mixtures
Accurate & Traceable

Understanding our customers and the landscape in which they work are key to Air Liquide’s Industrial Emissions Offer. The legislation surrounding emissions continues to change, with lower permitted emissions and challenging pollutant concentrations. All permitted plants have to comply with the legislation, which takes the form of the Industrial Emissions Directive.

The gases are compliant with legislation, have long shelf-life, with optimum analytical accuracy and blend tolerances that fit your needs. Our ISO 17025 accredited mixtures and non-accredited mixture range support QAL1, QAL2, QAL3 and AST. They are traceable to international standards providing confidence that the gases are right each and every time. Our customer focused service team provide you with services such as dedicated account management, consignment stock solutions and supply chain support. By providing these gases and services, we allow you to concentrate on your business.

Brochure Gas Mixtures for Industrial Emissions Monitoring

  • Clear and concise Certificate of Analysis
  • Tranparency on Accuracy and Traceability of true value
  • Small portable cylinders for in situ stack emission
  • Measurement Applications
  • Direct access to gas experts from our Expertise Center

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Our offer is, hands down, the simplest way to buy high quality and reliable analytical gases. By providing you with a straightforward, less time-consuming way to choose analytical gases, we make sure you have more time to be more productive elsewhere.

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We pride ourselves on our customer-centric service. We know that having the right product at the right time and having a commitment to guaranteeing a short and reliable lead time, are key factors. We make sure that you, as an Air Liquide customer, have all the expertise you need from first contact to the delivery of your products.

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When it comes to analytical gases, precision makes the difference. Air Liquide offers irrefutable accuracy and traceability, guaranteed by ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 certificates and accreditations. Quality is also guaranteed by strict monitoring of all trace impurities in raw materials. To achieve this, we monitor mixture stability during manufacture and over time.



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